About Us

Mell Technologies started operating as a Company in 2006 and has been running effectively ever since.

Mell Technologies saw an opportunity to build a world class IT services business leveraging and specialising in Microsoft based technology, as well as with other industry technology leaders. Mell Technologies is building a reputation as renowned industry leader, not only locally, but internationally as well. Mell Technologies is working towards the Microsoft accredited partner in the country. Particularly with regards to the delivery of world class IT service and solutions.
Mell Technologies is evolving in to an agile, dynamic and leading IT Company that is renowned in the field of System Integration, Managed IT Services and IT Outsourcing, and is at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, with highly skilled, qualified and best of breed IT personnel.
Mell Technologies is an IT company focused on Network Infrastructures, Software & Hardware Maintenance and Support and the architecture, design, deployment, and support, as well as Managed Services (such as Off-site backups, remote monitoring and support, faxing solutions, spamming solutions, e-mail archiving etc etc).

Business Strategy

Mell Technologies is continuing to build on its founding strategy of developing a world class IT solutions business, as well as focusing on other best of breed technologies. Mell Technologies is building a world class business excellence services by integrating software applications ,offering world class remote support, monitoring, and maintenance through a combination of world class integrated technologies. This will lead to the companies organic growth and ongoing success.

This strategy remains based on our core competency and allows growth in-line with evolving IT trends.

Our vision & mission

Our vision is to be recognized as Africa’s leading ICT Solutions Company – the one that everyone wants to work for, buy from and own shares in.

Mission Statement

Mell Technologies aims to be recognized as the preferred IT Service Partner, focused on innovation and managed services which add value to all spheres of business operations and give clients genuine peace of mind.


  • Innovation
  • Agility
  • Customer centric
  • Flexibility
  • Trusted
  • Passionate